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Founded by Lottie, Huskke & Co is a lifestyle brand and natural home fragrance company producing small batch soy wax candles and plant based reed diffusers.


At the heart of our ethos we champion mindful luxury and believe that there is nothing more pleasing than giving or receiving a gift that you know has been hand made with love and that ensures a positive impact on the world.


We carefully blend soy wax and our eco diffuser base with the highest quality essential and toxin free fragrance oils, each taking their cues from sensory moments that have created memories for us. All of our candles and diffusers are handcrafted with care in our country studio.


We are a conscious brand and have made sure that all of our products are honestly and ethically produced with ingredients sourced in the UK. It is our aim to ensure that with every stage of our production and distribution we protect communities, peoples livelihoods, your health and our environment.


The simple, modern design and warm white glow suits all settings.


Our packaging is recyclable, reusable & made with recycled materials.

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