Scent evoking memory

Olfactory | ol·​fac·​to·​ry | derived from the Latin olfacere, which means "to smell". It's our Olfactory senses that link scent notes to familiar moments in time.

I wanted to begin by wishing you all a Happy Fragrance Day! Celebrated on March 21st each year and this year we felt what better way to do so than by breaking down the scent notes of our Signature Collections.

Fragrance, scents and memory are powerfully linked and have the ability to conjure up all manner of emotions. Here at Huskke & Co HQ we have carefully curated a collection of evocative fragrance blends made from the finest natural ingredients and sustainably sourced raw materials to capture the essence of our favourite memories.

Ourika o

Our bestselling 100% aromatherapy grade essential oil blend. Packed full of the highest quality natural ingredients Ourika was designed to instantly calm and relax. Light it to find a moment of calm, to relax and unwind.

Top Notes

Spearmint, Lavender & Jasmine

Mid Note

Rose Geranium

Base Notes

Black Peppercorns & Vetiver

Bergamia b

Reminiscent of your favourite cup of Earl Grey Tea and made with the highest quality Organic Sicilian Bergamot Essential Oils. One of our most comforting fragrances designed to help you feel refreshed and energised.

A blend of three specialised Organic Sicilian Bergamot Essential oils that bring a whole heap of zing with no need for anything else!

Grove g

Our go to blend to bring an uplifting boost to any atmosphere!

Top Notes

Pomelo & Green Orange

Mid Notes

Lemon Peel

Base Notes


Embers e

A dense and smokey scent evoking the fondest memories of crackling fires in Wintertime. We light Embers to feel grounded and cosy.

Top Notes

Eucalyptus & Spices

Mid Notes

Geranium & Black Pepper

Base Notes

Cedar wood & Moss

Fico f

Uplifting and warming. Our Fico blend is one of our most sophisticated scents, evoking memories of wandering along dusty warm paths lined with sun ripe fig trees.

Top Notes

Sun Ripe Figs

Mid Notes

Crisp Green Fig leaves

Base Notes

Woody Branches

Orangerie o

A gloriously fresh fragrance. Delicate, pretty and reminiscent of a warm and fragrant Orangery on a Summer's Day.

Top Notes

Orange Blossom & Petitgrain

Mid Notes


Base Notes

Lemon Oil

Otto o

Our most colourful and enchanting fragrance resulting in a vibrant perfume. We light Otto to uplift our mood, it's the perfect aid when you need a little lift.

Top Notes

Otto Rose & Orange Leaves

Mid Notes

Pink Pepper

Base Notes

Jasmine & Iris

Pomegranate p

A true classic and such a warming blend. Rich and decadent. Our Pomegranate candles are guaranteed to enliven any atmosphere.

Top Notes

Pomegranate & Garden Rose

Mid Note

Blackcurrant Buds

Base Note


Whether you're looking for something citrusy, aromatic, fruity or spicy we have you covered with fragrances for every nose!

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