Why we don't offer a candle refill service

As a brand based on the foundations of sustainability you might ask why we don't offer a refill service for our candles ? When we created Huskke & Co it was very much our intention to accommodate this. As you all know we hold having a positive impact on the environment at the heart of our ethos and have made every effort to champion this throughout not only our candle production but also our packaging with everything made from recyclable materials and recyclable as much as possible.

Glass is a temperamental and fragile material and although our containers are absolutely safe to burn your candles in we cannot guarantee that the condition they will be in once returned to us will be the same. As we can't monitor the treatment of our containers in their new homes, there is the possibility that hairline fractures may be present in the glass. Although not always obvious to our eyes these could prove hazardous if the glass is refilled and heated for a second time and thus our insurance doesn't cover us to offer such a service.

We prefer instead to promote the reuse of your container! We specifically chose the beautiful and minimalistic white gloss containers as they are guaranteed to suit any setting and we know will look great in your homes. Your container can be reused for all manner of things, some of our favourites include: a vase for your floral arrangements, pen pot, to house your make up brushes, garden herbs and as a drinks tumbler. We'd love you to get creative and would love to know how you guys are reusing yours so please share your images with us!

Please follow our simple steps for cleaning out your container ready for reuse:

- When your candle has little wax remaining, pop it into the freezer for a couple of hours.

- Grab a spoon or a knife and run it around the edge of the wax. This should break it free from the glass.

- If you have a wax melt burner you can reuse these pieces by breaking them up and putting them onto the burner so that you can still enjoy the last morsels of fragrance!

- Make sure you remove the wick, wick base and stickum (these shouldn't go onto the burner)

- Put a small amount of warm water in the glass with some washing liquid and clean the remaining wax out. Soy wax washes out with warm water which is one of its many benefits.

- Once clean and then dry you're ready to reuse.

Candle safety is paramount and so at Huskke & co we would prefer your container to take on a new lease of life in your homes. It's time to get creative!

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